Genein Letford

Founder, Executive Director

As the 2015 Charter School Teacher of the Year, Genein Letford is a driving force in student equity access, arts education and financial literacy. A recent TEDx speaker, she believes every child deserves the opportunity to develop their talents and contribute positively to the community. After paying almost $100,000 of debt, she realized the importance of early financial literacy, opportunity recognition and telling your story of purpose. She speaks around the nation on these topics and remains committed to preparing the next generation for a life of success.

In addition to directing Alumni360 and teaching music full time, she is also a part-time professor at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), a board member of the national non-profit Donorschoose.org and a financial literacy coach at her local church. She is currently working on her first book on equity access and hopes that it will inspire many to live their best lives.

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The mission of Alumni360 is to empower young students to live their best life through efficient financial, collegiate and life skills training. Students will LEARN critical components in various areas in order to LEAD themselves and their peers to make better strategic choices, which will LIBERATE not only themselves but their families and future generations from the common economic and educational pitfalls many are facing today.

The vision of Alumni360 is to further develop this training program that assists students in the development of leadership, financial literacy, emotional intelligence, academic excellence and other critical life skills that will enable them to live their best life and contribute positively to their families and their community.


Gwen Jefferson

Gwen Jefferson began her professional career in education as a PAL Center educator, a continuation school which serves at risk youth in need of a high school diploma. This position eventually progressed into the Director of PAL Charter School accredited by the Snowline School District, where she founded TIP – the Training Internship Program to assist students through their progress into careers.

Now as a leader in biology education, she has served as the science department head in 2006 and is an influential voice in the development of curriculum for Biology in the district. She also is the Director of the Internship Program at Carter High School and assists students with interview skills, time management and career training. She advises Alumni360 leadership on effective strategies in college and career readiness.

Daniel Luna

Daniel Luna is a successful entrepreneur and speaker in the San Fernando Valley. He served as a US Army Combat Medic and now focuses on the psychology of self-improvement, business strategies and philosophy of success. He launched ‘The Service Laundry’ which are Laundromats that supports nonprofits who assist those without a voice. He has granted scholarships to Alumni360 students and led workshops on goal setting, financial literacy and the importance of gratitude.

Jerry Morrison

Jerry Morrison is currently the Assistant Director for the Initiative for Pre-College Scholars Program at the University of California, Los Angeles. This program outreaches and provides mentoring and advice to high school students and undergraduates in the areas of study skills, financial aid, leadership and collegiate success. He coordinates 5 week summer programs for prospective students and has been published in numerous academic publications on increasing opportunities for low-income minorities.

Lorna Wise

Lorna Wise has been educating students for over twenty years. She currently teaches business courses to high school and college students in Orange County, CA. Her career in academia began in college as a volunteer tutor at San Francisco State University where she tutored middle school students from the inner city. This experience ignited her desire to teach. As a middle school and high school teacher, Mrs. Wise taught algebra, geometry, biology, life science, physical science, and the bible at both public and private schools.

She holds a M.S. in Accountancy, an M.A. in Education with a specialization in Teaching Mathematics and a specialization in US Education in a Global Economy. She has a B.S. in International Business and Marketing and holds a CTE Teaching Credential in Business and Finance. She is the Academic Program Director for the Teen Entrepreneur Academy at Concordia University and the owner of WISE Tutoring and Educational Consulting.

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