EntreArts Camp

Entrepreneurship With a Creative Twist


10:00am - 5pm

North Hollywood, CA

A Camp Like No Other

Alumni360’s CREATE2020 is a one of a kind training event that meets the needs for San Fernando Valley graduate students in obtaining top business, entrepreneurial and creativity development skills. As the demands of the workforce shift, equipping our students with these skills is essential for their future success.

World Economic Forum lists creativity as the #3 top skill needed in the workforce and this is true in entrepreneurship as well. Our camp helps students develop creativity, adaptability and empathy in business. Students will also combine these skills with market training, idea development, financial projection training along with other business skills. No other  program has this unique approach to entrepreneurship education. Spots are limited. Reserve your spot!

Corporate & Individual Sponsorships

We are seeking corporate and individual sponsors to offer scholarships to students from low wealth areas. Many great business ideas are lost due to lack of opportunity and CREATE2020 is addressing that injustice. Considering partnering with us to bring creative entrepreneurship training in the San Fernando Valley! To sponsor our attendees, please donate here!

Alumni360 present's CREATE2020 for Alumni360 graduates! Join us as we educate and empower our ALumni360 graduates with the skills of communication, networking, entrepreneurship and creative thinking!

Our attendees will learn to:

  • Engage in a curriculum covering topics such as ROI, marketing, opportunity recognition and cashflow
  • Translate interests, dreams and ideas into enterprising solutions
  • Learn directly from entrepreneurs and business professionals
  • Compete in an idea-pitching event to win prizes
"We are no longer in the industrial or manufacturing economy. We’re now in the information, creative and imagination economy and NOW is the time to prepare our students.”
-Genein Letford,
Alumni360 Executive Director

Past Speakers

Jackie Brady
CamiAndJax Swimsuits, Founder
Jose Manaiza
Malibu Tutors, Founder
Sandy Stein
FindersKeyPurse, Founder
Ryan Holbrook
Director of Entrepreneurship, CSUN
Adam Diament
Diament Patent Law, Founder
Jess Puccinelli
Haute-Hope Gifts, Founder
Genein Letford
Alumni360, Founder


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