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Alumni360 is a mentorship program that supports students from all grade levels who reside in the United States with scholarship acquisition, financial literacy, creative thinking development, and life skills. This multi-grade cohort meets virtually once a month, with one in-person (or virtual) Leadership BootCamp every year.

Alumni360 is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Featured Speakers

Exposure to the brightest minds in various fields has been a focus of Alumni360! Here are a few of our speakers!

Alumni360 has taught me each of us have an opportunity to do something and it depends on how you view it and how you take advantage of it!

6th Grade Student

Alumni360 is a door of opportunity in which our mentality changes as we become more intelligent on making sound decisions.

Katherine M.
11th Grade Student

"I’ve never been to a university, so these fieldtrips really opened my eyes to what’s out there.We got to speak directly to the students, which doesn't normally happen on university visits."

Matthew M.
7th Grade

"Money is always short in my family so I’m relieved to be getting this information now, while I’m young. There's so much information we get in Alumni360 that we don't get anywhere else."

Brenda C.
11th Grade

"Alumni360 gives you choices in a time when many kids don’t have choices.This group gives us vital access to information; game-changing information."

Monica M.
11th Grade

"I never realized how many opportunities were available and now I’m able to act on them."

Antonio Q.
11th Grade

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