If you’re in college, a senior in high school, or just a student right now, we all feel tired of wanting it to be over. As college students step into their final quarter of the year, the feeling of almost reaching the finish line is kicking in, but PERSIST! We are almost there, don’t let the senioritis make you build slack. I am going to be stepping into my final quarter of my second year, which means I’m almost halfway through college, it’s such a surreal feeling. However, I’m trying my best to keep the momentum going in excelling in my classes this next quarter, pouring into clubs and commitments, friendships, applying for internships, making plans for next school year, etc. It can be both exhausting and exciting, but here are a few pieces of advice I’m going to meditate on this spring break before stepping into the quarter:

1. Knowing your WHY. Remind yourself why are you doing this, why you want these goals, and what are you trying to achieve. Write these “WHY’S” down, put them on sticky notes in your dorm, have a lock screen with a quote, etc. Self-affirmation makes all the change so knowing your why, will keep you going through those challenging moments. If you go through the motions of life solely to complete tasks, you will be left feeling burnt out and dissatisfied. What relationships did you build, where were your intentions, and what change are you trying to bring in your life or in others? Ask yourself these questions as you are stepping into a new season or are finding it difficult to keep going in your current season. For myself, I know I have goals, and telling myself who I am, and why I’m here in school, is really what gets me through the nights I don’t feel like persisting. Being from a first-generation, single mom, low-income household, and first daughter to go to college, I know what I stand for and who I am. Know your why. 

2. Plan and map out your goals. How are you going to set goals without planning, or mapping out strategies? What will you do when an obstacle arises, and don’t know how to pivot? Try to identify… what are the various ways you can achieve your goals, whether it’s for the rest of the year, summer, or stepping into the new school year. Having a calendar is wonderful for your weekly tasks, monthly plans, etc., but make sure you’re taking time to set those long-term goals and strategize. Whether it’s on a physical planner or journaling in a notebook so you can come back to it later, noting down your plan is key to persisting. This also ties into knowing your WHY because you can then ask well how? These plans and maps will allow you to see in what direction you’re going or want to go in. 

3. Lastly, take action. Don’t just say what you’re going to do, but do it! Be about it. Getting started can be the most challenging part, but once you do and realize it’s possible, you will keep going. Many stop, and give up because one method didn’t work, or one goal didn’t turn out how they wanted it to. However, this doesn’t mean that a goal or project isn’t possible, there is a way, always a way, and it’s our job to take action to discover how. We can let these small failures impede what we’ll find along the way. I know a cliché right, “It’s about the journey”, but it’s so true. Being in college has taught me so much more outside the classroom, I do love what I’m studying. But the friendships, communities, impact, and memories I’ve made along the way are what make my college experience. I’m being proactive about my time here, not just to get a degree, but to establish long-term friendships. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, but don’t know how, take a friend with you to a club meeting and make a friend there too. Going alone can be daunting, but with a plan or friend, it’s always less scary. So be about it! Take action, and persist, to be the change you want in your life and community. 

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