On August 5th, the Alumni360 family gathered together to honor our students, our families and our community members that participated throughout the year. We started out with a warm welcome from 10th grader Matthew M. who explained the life lessons he learned at our CASHFLOW game day events. Perla G. then wowed the audience with her musical gifts on the flute. After we all packed our plates with delicious bites from Stonefire Grill, our graduating seniors took the stage to address their parents with gratitude as they end their K-12 experience and head on to higher heights. Click here for the senior tribute video!

Talented spoken word poet Alex Salazar took the stage and shared his piece ‘Astronauts’ that inspired the crowd to soar beyond their self-imposed limits. We then were elated to honor Kevin Carnes, the president of Lakeshore Learning Materials store with the Entre-Arts Award. During our first entrepreneurship camp in 2016, he toured our Alumni360 students around the headquarters of Lakeshore and gave them a behind the scenes look at how a business runs from the back end. Watch the video of the trip here.

Rising Alumni360 music star Fatima M. performed Katy Perry’s a powerhouse song  ‘Rise’. This caused Brenda C., to ‘rise up’ and accept the ‘Luna Excellence Award, from entrepreneur Daniel Luna for her presentation on the ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book which every student received that previous winter break. Daniel pop quizzed her on the differences between assets and liabilities. She responded with flying colors!

We then had the privileged of celebrating Ms. Bea Stotzer, co-founder of New Economics for Women with the second annual 360IMPACT Award. She was moved to tears at the students’ testimonials about how her work has impacted their lives. Click here for her introductory video.

After a moving slideshow paired with a live singing performance of ‘Rise Up’ by Ms. Candice Burgess, Ms. Genein Letford, our founder and executive director, ended the night with inspiring words to encourage our community members to continue investing in our youth. We then had fun on the red carpet of celebration!

Thank you for attending our spectacular event and we look forward to seeing you all next year! Here are the highlights from last year’s banquet!

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