Being in college is very demanding, and many professionals recall it being the busiest time of their lives… Outside rigorous coursework, there are part-time jobs, clubs, volunteering, social events, balancing relationships, living situations, self-care, and so on. With so much to do, and what feels like so little time to do it, how are we supposed to find time for everything? Well, first, it’s important to note it won’t all come at once. It happens through time. Learning to be patient with yourself, allowing yourself to make mistakes, and finding balance through consistency are all part of the process of building healthy habits. It’s very easy to get stuck in a hustle mentality in college because there is always something happening. However, finding time to give back to yourself in the midst of the chaos is crucial for your internal health. Building healthy habits is what really enables us to find time for the things we love, but also doesn’t leave us feeling burnt out at the end of the week. So what does this look like?

1) I would recommend having some organization in your life that enables you to build a routine as a student

Block in the time for studying, resting, classes, and even reminders to call people you care about! It’s the little things that matter but go a long way. A schedule with blocks of time can help with accountability and maybe event motivation with a well-organized planner or calendar. Again, it’s the small things, and most importantly consistency, that sets the foundation for our habits and routine. 

2) Do what you love

Just because we’re in school doesn’t mean our entire identity has to revolve around our coursework. Of course, we’re in college to get an education so putting enough time into our studies is crucial, however, we must make time for activities! Getting active can be a great way to socialize or have your own personal time. There are so many ways to get active that are fun and different from a typical gym. Some ideas can range from yoga classes with goats or a sunset hike with friends. Anything really to move your body, and step away from the books.

3) Lastly, Community

Surround yourself with people who invest in your life too. Finding people who can pour into your life is very important throughout college where you’re away from family, constantly busy, and meet so many new people. Whether it’s through clubs, religious affiliations, classes, or sports, spending time with good friends makes us better. As humans, we may not always admit how easily we’re influenced. However, as John C. Maxwell once said, “You’re only as good as the people you have around you.” So surrounding ourselves with people who have the best interest in us are all qualities we should look for in friends. 

I hope you found this blog helpful, and that it resonates with you. Whether you’re in college or in middle school, we can all improve in some habits. These three tips, such as building a routine, and investing in activities and people that add to our lives, all enhance our ability to create healthier habits. It’s about how we feel internally that matters at the end of the day, so reflecting on the areas of our life we pour into is essential. 

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