Welcome to college! Oh, by the way, please move out by tomorrow!! We’re in a pandemic!!

This COVID-19 pandemic has placed many in a comprised situation and college students who were already in vulnerable positions continue to feel the uncertainly.

Powerhouse Alumni360 students from the UC and CSU college systems speak out on the Create and Grow Rich podcast on their experience of dealing with COVID, college and the sudden stress this pandemic has had on their collegiate experience and their mental and emotional health. They highlight some issues that many people may not be aware of and offer some insight for students who may be experiencing the same collegiate issue.

Thank you to our moderator, Monica Montoya and our guests Jackie and Kathy for sharing their first hand experience of dealing with COVID-19 as first gen students.

All students are weighing some serious choices this summer. The main message is to do all your research, ask lots of questions and read the fine print of collegiate contracts (housing and tuition contracts). If we stay informed, we will get through this!

Listen to the episode here!

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